GRK Flood Defence is a fully independent company, meaning we will choose the best products for your circumstances. If you have been given any information that you may require clarification on please call 01392 311 857.

All the products that GRK Flood use are to PAS1188 Parts 1 & 4 which is the standard recognised by the Environment Agency and British Standards Institute. Note in our companies opinion not all kitemarked products are as good as some products that carry PAS1188. 

Below are examples of some of the products we have used:

Nautilus Barrier

The Nautilus Barrier can be used in all situations as used by Water Wall and Water Door Barriers. The difference being the Nautilus Barrier is more robust for extreme flooding situations. The height can be from 400mm to 1600mm. The width can be from a basic door to 100's of metres wide by using demountable posts.

Water Wall Barrier

A Water Wall Barrier is mainly used for expanses over 2 metres wide. The height of this can be from 200mm to up to 1200mm in 200mm increments. These can be of any length as many demountable posts required can be used. Made out of aluminium which makes them strong and light.

Water Door Barrier

A Water Door Barrier is mainly used for expanses under 2 metres wide. The height of this can be from 200mm to up to 1200mm in 200mm increments. Made out of aluminium which makes them strong and light.

Other barriers

As an independent company if any of the aforementioned barriers are not suitable, we can use any of the products on the market that are more suitable for the defence of your  property

Air Bricks - Self Closing

Self Closing Air Bricks are used to replace your existing air bricks, which give a water tight seal and automatically stops water from coming under your wooden floor boards and coming into your property. 

Air Brick Covers

Air Brick Covers are used to cover your existing air bricks but are a reactive solution rather than a passive one. 

Non Return Valves

A Non Return Valve is a passive system used to stop water back flowing up pipes into your house. They come in sizes from 22mm diameter up to 160mm dependant on the size of pipe. 110mm Non Return Valves come in a push fit or open system design dependant upon what is required. 

Toilet Bungs

Toilet Bungs are a reactive system used as a last resort or peace of mind when 110mm non return valve is not practical. The Toilet Bung goes into your u-bend, is pumped up using a bicycle pump and stops the water from coming up through your toilet.

Water Repellent Spray

Water Repellent is sprayed on your brick work up to 1.2 metres high to help stop water penetration through the brick work, but still allowing the brick work to breathe.

Sump and Pump

A Sump Pump is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water collecting sump basin, commonly found in the basement of homes. A Skimmer Pump can be used when small areas of water are collecting, as they pump from as little as 1mm of water.